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'Marie helped me to sit with the difficult feelings, and not just push them away as I had been doing for years. Her insight and empathy allowed me to explore deeply painful memories while feeling safe and non-judged. I'm glad she challenged me to see things from a different perspective and to be more proactive. I'd allowed the several losses I'd experienced to eat away at me, and our sessions reignited a sense of who I was as well as a feeling of hope. I am in a much better place now.' 


'I started counselling sessions with Marie when I was at rock bottom. My dad had just died and I felt completely alone. I was incredibly anxious and fearful about everything - it was like my entire world had been ripped apart. I know I was really defensive and angry too, but Marie encouraged me, gently and calmly, to focus on all that was swimming around in my mind and my body. Slowly but surely, I started to feel more in control and less scared - ready to face the world again. Marie was always empathetic and our conversations were so enlightening. I don't think I'll ever forget them.'


'I remember feeling so nervous before our first session as I'd never had counselling before. Marie was so accepting and warm, though, that I just talked and talked. It was like everything I'd been storing up for years just poured out. Marie was able to sit with me when I crumbled, share silences with me, and highlight my blindspots and contradictions, of which there were many! I feel she has helped me create a kind of safety net of therapeutic tools that I can use going forward, and that makes me feel stronger than ever.'


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